Building Tutorials > Small Asian House

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create a small Asian-style house with simple materials. The design easily fits into most landscapes: Build several in a lake and connect them with small bridges to create a southeast-asian fishing village, build it on a slope and create a foundation with cobblestone to make a nice hill house, or construct several close to wheat fields to create a small rural farming village.

Since the layout of the building is square-shaped and since all sides have an uneven number length, you can easily expand this building by just adding another one right next to it. This way you can build longer houses, assembly halls or larger Japanese, style mansions.

The blocks you need to place in each step are highlighted in white. You need the following blocks and items for the construction:


1. Place several cobblestone blocks to set the layout of your house. Leaving the middle open ensures that your design is centered and square-shaped.

2. Fill the Foundation.

3. Use wood blocks to place four pillars with a size of 5 blocks at each end.

4. More pillars.

5. Fill the lowest level between the pillars with horizontally placed wood blocks.

6. Repeat with the topmost level between the pillars.

7. Give your house a nice wooden floor.

8. Fill in with wooden blocks.

9. Place wooden stairs upside down in the middle of each side.

10. Fill the open spaces with fence blocks. Those will be your windows.

11. Place a wooden door in the center of each side.

12. Use wooden slabs to build a veranda as pictured. Leave the edges open.

13. Place two wood blocks at each end of the veranda and place three fence blocks on top of them.

14. Put wooden planks on top.

15. Surround with wooden stairs.

16. Place "help blocks" (use cobblestone or dirt) for the next step and use these to place a lower level of stairs.

17. Surround lower level with wooden stairs. Don't forget to remove your help blocks!

18. Fill the opening on the roof-to-be with one ring of wooden blocks.

19. Place wooden slabs on the ring from step 18.

20. Repeat until your roof is finished.

21. Surround the lowest level of stairs with one ring of wooden slabs. Place double (or use wooden planks) at each end for accentuation of the roof.

22. Use cobblestones and cobblestone slabs to create nice natural stairs.

23. Done!