Mod Balkon's Weapon Mod
Current version 1.11.1, Forum Post
Minecraft version 1.5.1
Author BalkondeurAlpha
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Dependencies Minecraft Forge
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Balkon's Weapon Mod introduces a huge variety of melee weapons and shooting weapons that fit very well into the theme of vanilla Minecraft. Prepare yourself for a whole new world of stabbing, slashing, hacking, hammering, pounding, maiming, throwing, shooting and blowing things up! Each one of those weapons has its own specific characteristics, providing you with the opportunity to find the one weapon that best fits your individual fighting style. Since version 9.0.0 for Minecraft 1.3.2, the weapons can also be enchanted with the vanilla sword enchantments.

There is also a Bukkit version for Multiplayer.

The damage amount of the individual weapons is given as numbers. One hitpoint equals half a heart, so, for example, if a weapon deals four damage points to a player who doesn't wear armor, this player would lose two hearts.

3.1 Musket
3.2 Crossbow
3.3 Blowgun

1.1. Melee Weapons: Spears

Spears do slightly less damage than swords and have a rather small knockback. They can also be thrown and do not disappear when they hit a mob, so you can pick them up afterwards. Stabbing and throwing do equal damage.

Wooden Spear
Deals (3 damage).
Stone Spear
Deals (5 damage).
Iron Spear
Deals (7 damage).
Diamond Spear
Deals (9 damage).
Golden Spear
Deals (3 damage), has a slightly higher knockback.

1.2. Melee Weapons: Halberds

Halberds do more damage than swords and have a significantly larger knockback. They can be converted into stabbing mode with a rightclick. Stabbing slightly increases the damage, but decreases the knockback.

Wooden Halberd
Deals (5 damage) in slashing mode, (6 damage) in stabbing mode.
Stone Halberd
Deals (7 damage) in slashing mode, (8 damage) in stabbing mode.
Iron Halberd
Deals (9 damage) in slashing mode, (10 damage) in stabbing mode.
Diamond Halberd
Deals (11 damage) in slashing mode, (13 damage) in stabbing mode.
Golden Halberd
Deals (5 damage) in slashing mode, (6 damage) in stabbing mode. Both modes have slightly higher knockback than the other halberds.

1.3. Melee Weapons: Knives

Knives do less damage than swords and also have only half their durability. They can be crafted without a workbench, however. They do little knockback, but you can use them to destroy cobwebs, and they can also be thrown like spears.

Wooden Knife
Deals (3 damage).
Stone Knife
Deals (5 damage).
Iron Knife
Deals (7 damage).
Diamond Knife
Deals (9 damage).
Golden Knife
Deals (3 damage), has a slightly larger knockback.

1.4. Melee Weapons: Battleaxes

Battleaxes do much damage and have a huge knockback. They also do more damage to blocks.

Wooden Battleaxe
Deals (6 damage).
Stone Battleaxe
Deals (8 damage).
Iron Battleaxe
Deals (10 damage).
Diamond Battleaxe
Deals (12 damage).
Golden Battleaxe
Deals (6 damage), has a larger knockback.

1.5. Melee Weapons: Warhammers

Warhammers do much damage and have a knockback that is equal to the knockback of Halberds in slashing mode. Depending on the weapon material, they can also inflict huge damage on blocks. Holding the right mouse button will charge up a super smash that, once released, sends out a shockwave that damages all mobs in your immediate vicinity.

Wooden Warhammer
Deals (4 damage).
Stone Warhammer
Deals (6 damage).
Iron Warhammer
Deals (8 damage).
Diamond Warhammer
Deals (10 damage).
Golden Warhammer
Deals (4 damage), has a larger knockback.

1.6. Melee Weapons: Flails

Flails are weapons with a heavy ball at the end of a string. You can swing the ball into the direction you are looking at with a rightclick. However, don't start swinging the Flail all over the place, since each swing decreases its durability.

Wooden Flail
Deals (4 damage).
Stone Flail
Deals (6 damage).
Iron Flail
Deals (8 damage).
Diamond Flail
Deals (10 damage).
Golden Flail
Deals (4 damage), has a larger knockback.

2.1. Throwable Weapons: Boomerangs

The boomerang is a weapon that returns to the place where it has been thrown from (or at least it does so most of time).

To throw a boomerang, hold your right mouse button to charge the throw and the start aiming. The longer you charge it, the stronger the throw becomes, and the farther it flies. The boomerang then automatically returns to the spot you threw it from if it doesn't hit an obstacle first. Keep in mind that the boomerang can do damage to you as well! If you throw a diamond boomerang and get in its path, it can kill you almost instantly if you don't wear armor and are unlucky enough to get hit twice.

You can enable the "easy boomerang mode" in the properties file (the "" file in the subfolder "weaponmod" in "mods"). Once the option is enabled, the boomerang automatically returns to you, not to the place it has been thrown form.

Wooden Boomerang
The Wooden Boomerang does (4 damage) upon impact.
Stone Boomerang
The Stone Boomerang does (6 damage) upon impact.
Iron Boomerang
The Iron Boomerang does (8 damage) upon impact.
Diamond Boomerang
The Diamond Boomerang does (10 damage) upon impact.
Golden Boomerang
The Golden Boomerang does (4 damage) upon impact. It seems to fly a bit faster than the other boomerangs.

2.2. Throwable Weapons: Others

Aside from the boomerangs and the other weapons listed below, the spear and the knife are throwable (and collectible after throwing them) as well. You can disable this in the mod settings.

Dynamite is an explosive that can be thrown with a rightclick. Its explosion has about half the explosion power of regular TNT, an elliptic spread of 5 x 5 blocks and a depth of about 2 blocks. The explosion deals between (3 damage) at its edge and about (10 damage) in its center.

When you click the right mouse button, the dynamite gets thrown immediately! This means that you cannot charge the throw (like you would charge an arrow on the bow). Thus, if you want to throw over a longer distance, you have to aim higher before pressing the right mouse button.
The Javelin can be thrown by holding the right mouse button. It does more damage than arrows, but has less range and it cannot be aimed as correctly as a bow. If you jump into the direction you are throwing the Javelin towards to, you will score a critial hit.

The Javelin has a stabbing damage of (one damage, the same as unarmed), and a throwing damage of (4 damage).

3. Shooting Weapons

The weapons below can be fired from a distance, but before they can be fired, they need to be loaded with their corresponding ammunition.

Musket Stock
The Musket Stock is a crafting component needed for the creation of the Musket and the Blunderbuss.
Musket Barrel
The Musket Barrel is a crafting component needed for the creation of the Musket.
The full Musket is created by combining the Musket Stock and the Musket Barrel.

Before you can shoot the Musket, you have to load it with Musket Rounds. You can do so by holding the right mouse button. The Musket is loaded when you hear a mechanical clicking. You can aim the Musket by holding the right mouse button, release it to shoot. An aimed shot with the Musket does well over 20 damage - enough to kill a creeper or a zombie.

An aimed shot at three blocks distance deals (20 damage), and at its farthest range of 27 blocks it deals (18 damage). The musket does not deal any damage once the target is more than 27 blocks away.
Musket with Bayonet
To attach a Bayonet to the Musket, you have to combine it with a knife. You can use any kind of knife.

One stab with the Bayonet does as much damage as the corresponding knife. It is therefore recommended to use an Iron Knife or a Diamond Knife.
Musket Round
The ammunition for the Musket.
The Crossbow works like a regular bow, but it has a much larger range, and its bolts also fly significantly faster, making it easier to aim from a large distance. It does, however, have a small reload time. You can load the Crossbow by holding the right mouse button. Once the Crossbow is loaded, you can aim by holding the right mouse button - releasing it will shoot the bolt. It uses Crossbow Bolts as ammunition.

The Crossbow does (17 damage).
Crossbow Bolt
The ammunition for the Crossbow.
The Blowgun is a fast and accurate weapon that uses Poisonous Darts as ammunition.

The darts do (2 damage) upon initial contact and a poison damage of (one damage) every second for 5 seconds, which makes (7 damage) in total. Keep in mind that the poison will not kill the mob, so if you are facing a creeper, you should choose another weapon.
Poisonous Dart
The ammunition for the Blowgun.
Blunderbuss Barrel
A crafting component needed for the creation of the Blunderbuss.
The Blunderbuss is a close to medium range shooting weapon that shoots 10 small projectiles over a wide spread when fired. It becomes rather useless over longer distances because of its wide spread, but it's the perfect weapon to deal with one or several enemies in close range - a full blast is strong enough to kill even an Enderman with one shot.

It uses Blunderbuss Shots as ammunition.

One shot fires a total of ten pellets. At a distance of about five blocks, the Blunderbuss deals (18 damage), and at a distance of 15 blocks, it still deals about (10 damage). The shots have a spread radius of about two to three blocks, and if your enemies are standing close to each other, you can hit several enemies with one shot.
Blunderbuss Shot
The ammunition for the Blunderbuss.

4. Other Weapons

The weapons below don't fall into any of the other categories.

Fire Rod
The Fire Rod is a close combat weapon that lights a mob on fire. It does (one damage, the same damage as unarmed), and it has only one use.

You can use it to cook chickens, cows or pigs on the go!

The Cannon is a mountable weapon that needs to be manually loaded. It has an immense range and is powerful enough to kill a ghast with one single shot.

To use it, first place it on an elevated position, so that you have a good sight of your targets. If you have the leisure to do so, you can even build a small gun turret where you can place the cannon.

Before you can mount and fire the cannon, you have to load it first. Stand in front of it, make sure that you have some gunpowder in your inventory, equip a Cannon Ball and rightclick on the cannon barrel. You will hear a mechanical clicking sound, which indicates that the Cannon is now loaded.

Mount the Cannon with a rightclick, take aim and fire with the spacebar (or whichever key you have bound for jumping). The Cannon will then fire the cannon ball, which does massive damage to everything it crosses and which also leaves a small crater where it lands, so don't aim it at your own buildings (unless you want to demolish them).
Cannon Ball
The ammunition for the Cannon.

5. Training Dummy

Training Dummy
The Training Dummy is an indestructible puppet that you can use to test your weapons. This is what BalkondeurAlpha has to say about it:

"This isn't really a weapon, but I made this just for fun. As a gift to all the fans of the WeaponMod!"

You can place it with a right click. If you want to remove it, perform another right click without having a weapon equipped. The Training Dummy will never break from shots or melee weapon damage, it will get destroyed, however, if it is caught within the radius of an explosion, gets caught in a fire or falls from too high.