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This homepage aims to serve as a reference site for item crafting recipes from Minecraft mods.

There are currently complete crafting recipe lists for the mods BuildCraft, and Balkon's Weapon Mod, and more will be coming!

New mod lists or changes to existing lists will be announced on this page. Check by regularly!

If you have questions, suggestions or want to contact me otherwise, write me an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!


19. January 2014
The documentation of Thaumcraft 3 has been updated - instead of using single images for the crafting recipes (which increased loading times dramatically), I have switched to using tiles. The page should load much faster now.

I have also started creating building tutorials for Minecraft. I will concentrate on regular buildings for now, but I might incorporate elements from mods later on. The first tutorial will teach you how to create a small, Asian-style farming house.

09. September 2013
Finally, an update again - and this time, it's huge. I am proud to be able to present to you a full documentation of Thaumcraft 3. It includes:
  • An extensive item list with crafting recipes and usage explanations,
  • a research overview showing all the aspects and preliminary researches you need,
  • and an aspects/essentia list that shows what aspects you can find in which items; the list also includes information about items from other mods.
Not even the unofficial Thaumcraft or the official or unofficial FTB wikis are that complete!

09. June 2013
The recipe page for the Iron Chests mod is now back online, and includes the recipes for the most recently added Obsidian Chest as well.

02. May 2013
The old recipe page on Thaumcraft 2 is now accessible again. Since the inception of Thaumcraft 3, Thaumcraft 2 has been abandoned by Azanor, and it is not available for the most current version of Minecraft. I am still working on assembling a page about TC 3, but the amount of content is just too overwhelming, so this will take a little while. The overview page now has a separate page on old out-of-date mods that are no longer maintained.

In other news, I have decided to remove the block IDs from the information tables on the recipe pages. Many users seem to be playing with modpacks like Technic or Feed The Beast these days, those packs remap the item and block IDs, which in turn makes the information about those IDs unreliable for modpack users.

26. April 2013
A lot has changed since I have last worked on the homepage, and the overview pages are in dire need of an update. I have started to update the mod pages, and I also implemented a new, brighter design. Each mod now has an overview page with a general description as well as version information and links to corresponding websites, and the crafting recipe pages have been pushed onto a separate page.

There are currently only updates for the pages on Buildcraft and Balkon's Weapon Mod, but I am currently working on updating the pages on other mods. As soon as those pages are done, I will compile a new item list and create an up-to-date glossary.

23. October 2012
The crafting recipe list for Balkon's Weapon Mod now contains the crafting recipes for Boomerangs and throwable dynamite. In addition to that, the damage of each weapon is now shown in hearts and as a numerical value.

5. August 2012
Finished the crafting recipe list for BuildCraft.

31. July 2012
Finished the crafting recipe list for Thaumcraft.

19. July 2012
Finished the crafting recipe list for Iron Chests.